Take Responsibility for Your Own Life

As much as we might want to, even if something in our lives is not working out right we can’t blame others or other things. When we blame someone or something else, we are not putting our energy and time into doing something about it. Let us take responsibility for our own lives and take possession of our own valuable energy and time so we are the person who gets to choose where our efforts will do the best. And, incidentally, complaining certainly is not one of them.

I don’t know how often I’ve heard people say that there simply is not enough time. All of us need more time, do not we? Time is just one of those universal things which most of us want more of, is not it? Guess what else is Vero Fl Bat Removal one of the universal things which all of us want more of? Energy. Do not we all wish we had more energy so we can live life with more enthusiasm and pursue our dreams? Yup. I feel pretty confident saying that most of us want more energy and time.

So, if most of us want more energy and time, then why do we so willingly partake in actions like blaming if they drain both energy and time from us? Why do we willingly undermine ourselves like this by whining and blaming?

Well, irrespective of why we’re so slow to take responsibility, the simple fact is that most of us participate in this counterproductive threatening behaviour. We must be cognizant of, and then combat, our inborn unwillingness to take responsibility when things go wrong if we’re truly going to be successful in life. Accepting responsibility is the only true path to chasing down and grabbing those fantasies if we want to live the life we need and deserve.

Award-winning writer, speaker, and instructor Dan Blanchard would like you to stop wasting energy blaming others and start improving yourself by accepting responsibility.

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